What is IoT Ecosystem

Connect . Integrate . Operate

The IoT (Internet of Things) Ecosystem refers to a system of wireless, interconnected devices that gather and exchange information. With the aid of innovative technologies such as cloud-based platforms, Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence, IoT fuels business innovations as numerous and varied as the number of devices that can be connected and data that can be captured. Though IoT Ecosystem offers tremendous value, the main challenge in its implementation is integration. Linko is an innovator in tackling this issue and centers its IoT design strategy around modularity and flexible connectivity. With our hardware and software development capabilities, we bring robust, scalable and building blocks-based architecture that is friendly to legacy devices and easily integrates with other systems.

Linko IoT Platform

Linko IoT Platform is a cloud-based solution that links with IoT devices. It offers an easy, secure and scalable connection with physical devices becoming eyes, ears and a brain of your enterprise by gathering, storing, exchanging and analyzing endless streams of data. This unique environment combines modular architecture and open API to let you pick functionalities that align best with your business model and the kind of data you need

  • Device Management .
  • M2M Commuication
  • Integration
  • Security
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IoT Connect

To store, sell, connect, monitor, manage all IoT devices comprehensively we need a platform that links not only devices and assets, but also network, data and telecom IoT business.

This is possible thanks to Linko IoT Connect and its IoT solutions for the telecom industry and vertical sectors, encompassing Linko IoT Connectivity Management, Linko IoT Billing, Linko IoT Analytics Platform, linko IoT Solution Management creating a comprehensive platform to cover the whole IoT area. Linko IoT Connect helps to define a complete ecosystem of partners, resellers, providers, customers and their processes and structure to reflect the real network of IoT businesses. It also helps to automate all IoT related activities with self-service and partner management processes, to become faster, more efficient and gain significant advantage over enterprises in highly competitive IoT landscape.

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Business Use Cases

The growth of IoT is paving the path for new business avenues. The pertinent question for enterprises is no longer if their business benefits from IoT adoption - but rather what IoT functionalities can be best used to their advantage.

  • Smart Metering

    enables remote reading of water,gas,electricity meters.

  • Industriy 4.0

    Control and analyse production processes in real time .

  • ┘ÉAsset Tracking

    enables the real-time identification of equipment.

  • Smart Lighting

    innovative smart street lighting system.

  • IoT Lab

    Rapid Development through our IoT Lab

  • Smart Agriculture

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  • Cold Chain

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  • Smart Water

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  • Smart Enviroment

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  • Smart City

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